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In Orlando and Central Florida a divorce is never part of the plan when a marriage takes place. However, when divorce is the resolution to marital discord, men and women often bring different perspectives to the process because each has a unique stake in the outcome of the divorce settlement.

Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney

Men often find it difficult to find a divorce attorney who understands the unique male perspective on family law matters. Pessimism and hesitation may affect a man’s ability to pursue and achieve a satisfactory outcome when a marriage comes to an end.

Divorce Attorneys

We handle all aspects of family law from divorce, the focus of our practice being on representing men, husbands and fathers. We felt like there was a need for someone to be out there who was really championing men’s rights in divorces and other family law cases. We have people that call all the time who are not quite ready to get divorced but they want to know what might happen if they get divorced, what’s going to happen to their assets, what will happen with their children.

If you’re absolutely getting ready to file for divorce, you can sit down with us and discuss your options. We do consultations and encourage people to come in before they start the divorce process, so that they can get an idea of what’s coming.

The most rewarding part of working here is really the satisfied clients. Seeing the people who finish their case and they’ve protected their assets. The people who are spending time with their children and they’re enjoying their lives with there children and they’re not feeling like they’re being marginalized in their children’s lives, that for us is what matters most.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Can A Dependent Spouse Be Forced To Work In Florida?

Absolutely, and one of our goals here, at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm is to try and impute an income to what that spouse has previously made during the marriage or what she will be able to make during the marriage. So, yes.

Can I Oppose A Divorce In Florida?

You can oppose a divorce in Florida if you believe that the marriage is not irretrievably broken and that counseling would help save your marriage. You can request of the court that they order you and your spouse to attend counseling for a period of up to six months.

Permanent Spousal Support In Florida: Can It Be Modified Or Stopped?

Permanent spousal support can be modified or terminated in Florida under certain circumstances. If an individual has a loss of income and they are paying alimony, that would be a basis for the court to reduce an alimony award. If a recipient of alimony remarries or has a substantial increase in their income. That would also be a basis for either reducing or terminating alimony.

Do Courts Favor Women In Divorce Cases?

There has, historically, been an issue with courts favoring women in divorce cases in many regards. That’s why we founded the Men’s Divorce Law Firm to try to help husbands and fathers, and represent them and their interests, in court cases.

Selling Assets Before Divorce Is Final: Can You Stop It?

It may be difficult to prevent your spouse from selling property before you divorce. The best thing you can do is obtain the services of an attorney, file for divorce quickly, and follow motion with the court, asking the court to prevent such disposal of your assets.