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Case Evaluations

case evaluations and assessments
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Case Evaluations

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm understands that divorce and family law cases are sensitive, emotional and sometimes confusing. You may still be contemplating if you should proceed with a case. You may be concerned about your finances. Or you may just need peace of mind by discussing your issues with someone. That’s why the Men’s Divorce Law Firm is pleased to offer Case Evaluations and Assessments.

Case Assessments

Case Assessments consist of a 3 hour meeting with Managing Attorney Jeffrey Feulner to review the client’s case and documents, provide guidance, legal advice, answer questions, and a provide a full assessment of the case.

Case Evaluations

Case Evaluations consists of a 6-10 hour thorough review of your case and documents by Attorney Feulner. You will not necessarily be present during this time, however, you will be actively involved when the Managing Attorney needs to discuss the case. At the conclusion of the evaluation, Attorney Feulner will draft an opinion letter with a thorough explanation and synopsis of his assessment, including detailed guidance as to your particular situation and issues, legal advice, and outline as to professional legal suggestions governed by Florida Law. The evaluation and opinion letter can be expected within 2 weeks.

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