Complex Property Distributions

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Complex Property Distributions

At the Men’s Divorce Law Firm we understand that division of marital property can be a difficult part of your case. In Florida, the court will award an equitable distribution. Unlike other states, Florida’s courts require that all marital assets be divided in a fair manner for the particular case, and usually equally. Although most would associate the word property with homes or land, all marital assets will be divided. Examples of different types of property to be distributed would be:

  • Marital Homes
  • Rental or Vacation Homes
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Life Insurance Accounts
  • Vehicles
  • Artwork
  • Stock
  • Cryptocurrency

Although complex property distributions can be difficult to determine, our attorneys at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm are extremely experienced with such complexities. We strive to ensure that you receive a fair distribution and fight to prevent any significant losses. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your complex property distributions.

Dividing assets is a difficult process, especially when you have your own business. You worked hard to achieve your business goals. You need to work with skilled legal counsel to protect your goals now and in the future.

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience addressing complex business matters related to your divorce. They frequently work with experts to identify all assets and to determine the value of your business so we can properly prepare for negotiation or litigation.