Modification of Orders

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Modification of Orders

Many times a person’s circumstances change after going through a divorce, paternity, child support, or other family law action. No one is expected to remain in the same situation they were in at the time of the entry of the final Orders. Due to this change, the Courts allow for a party to request a modification.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Modification of Orders

How often can you modify child support?

Either parent or custodian can ask to have a child support order reviewed at least every three years or whenever there is a substantial change of circumstances (such as loss of employment or incarceration), to make sure that the order remains fair.

Can you modify a parenting plan?

If you want to modify your parenting plan but your child’s other parent doesn’t agree to the changes, you will need to go to court. To modify your plan through the court, you need to file a child custody modification or a petition to change the custody order. A parent’s work schedule has changed.