Step Parent Adoption

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Step Parent Adoption

Step-parent adoptions can be an emotional and tricky process. For a non-biological parent to adopt a child, the biological parent or parents must first give up all of their parental rights to the child including but not limited to visitation and decision making.

Unless a biological parent agrees to relinquish his or her rights to the child, it can be difficult to have someone rights terminated. Situations such as abandonment, abuse, or an unhealthy environment could possibly be grounds for terminating a biological parent’s rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Step Parent Adoption

I want to adopt my spouse's birth children. How difficult is it to adopt stepchildren?

It is not as difficult as other types of child adoption, but there are still steps that must be taken. In a stepparent adoption, because the parties are related, the courts may remove requirements like home visits in order to speed up the process. The main issue that most stepparents adopting a stepchild face is obtaining consent from the other birth parent.

Do I need consent from the birth parents to adopt my stepchild?

Yes. In all stepparent adoptions, the consent of the other birth parent is required. If that other birth parent’s parental rights have been terminated then that birth parent’s consent is not required.

Getting consent from the other birth parent is often difficult because it means that that birth parent is giving up all parental responsibilities. If the birth parent doesn’t have a relationship with the child, the stepparent may have an easier time getting consent.