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Quick Tips for Parents During a Divorce
Quick Tips for Parents During a Divorce

Divorces are tough on everybody. You’ve built a life with somebody, and it’s hard to see how everything fits together now that everything is changing.

But there’s one constant that you should focus on while the family law attorneys speak of spousal support, custody issues and property settlements.

The kids.

More than likely, you have been thinking and worrying about them since the decision was made to move forward with the separation. You wondered how it would affect them and questioned if you knew how to help them.

That’s completely understandable. It’s also a universal feeling for all of those divorcing parents who care about their kids. So here are two easy tips to keep your kids on the right track.

Don’t Just Talk to Them…Listen

Anybody going through a breakup is going to talk about it. A lot.

Again, that’s totally natural and understandable. We all need to express ourselves during difficult times to avoid trying to carry the burden on our own.

Don’t be scared to talk about things with your kids. As Gretchen Crum of the Child and Family Counseling Center at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh explained on, children need that dialogue with their parents or they will “get anxious”.

However, when talking to your kids, make sure you are listening to them and not talking at them.

Your children are learning a new lifestyle, which is likely different than anything they’ve ever known. You can help them process their fears and concerns in a healthy manner, saving you both a lot of stress down the road.

Seek Professional Help If Needed

Sometimes your kids won’t feel comfortable being honest with their parents because they don’t want to hurt them. Or maybe you’re so busy putting together a new life for you and your kids that you don’t feel you have the proper amount of time to spend with them.

That’s OK. You’re only human.

In those instances, consider finding a therapist or unbiased party for the children. The small cost upfront will pay long-term benefits for everyone.

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