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Ralphie May Legally Blocks Kids’ Trip with Ex-Wife
Ralphie May Legally Blocks Kids’ Trip with Ex-Wife

Ralphie May may have saved his kids’ lives from a deadly typhoon. And at least this time, the child custody system deserves praise instead of scorn.

May and ex-wife Lahna Turner produced two children during their marriage. Turner was planning on taking the pair to China from July 9th to the 18th on what was referenced as an “educational trip,” according to TMZ.

Apparently, May argued that Turner has been disrupting his parenting time, although there wasn’t any indication that this trip would interfere with his custodial rights. It also wasn’t clear if that was the basis for the court’s decision.

The lack of safety, however, couldn’t have hurt May’s case.

May warned that Nepartak, a “category 5 super typhoon,” was due to hit Taiwan and East China during that timeframe. It turned out that he was right.

The typhoon ripped through Taiwan, leaving three dead and hundreds injured, before carrying on to the Fujian province of China. The storm has forced “more than half a million” to leave their homes and evacuate. As of July 15th, 21 people had perished with another 13 missing, according to the China Post.

May’s children never had to face down the typhoon. The judge ultimately ordered that the trip be canceled.

Travel can be tricky when dealing with child custody issues stemming from a divorce. Florida law doesn’t outline specific requirements dealing with out-of-state travel, instead directing the courts to the child custody agreement. The same logic applies to international travel.

Therefore, the proposed trip to China must have either interfered with May’s parenting time, or the court truly believed it was not in the best interest of the children, specifically for their safety.

The best way to handle this scenario is to prepare for it. Decide and agree ahead of time with your ex-spouse how these situations will be handled and memorialize them in the separation agreement.

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