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Our mission stands as both our promise to you, the client, and our commitment to professional excellence. We know that there will be times in this pursuit that we may fail to meet every expectation. Therefore, this Firm Promise serves as the foundation of our relationship with every client, so that our personal and external expectations are clearly illustrated.


By nature family law is steeped in difficult emotions, and your case will likely be no different. We will not take a “cookie cutter” approach to your case, thinking that what worked for someone else will work for you. Your emotions are complex and as original to you as your family law needs. Therefore we will put careful time and consideration into every case that is individual only to you. We will respect your time and do everything that is within our power to work within the projected timelines we set forth. We will always respect what you have to say and in return expect you to extend the same to us and our employees as they draw upon their experience to help you.


All contact will be conducted in a professional and respectful manner. Questions and concerns will be responded to within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt. We may not always have the answer immediately, as we would rather give the right answer than a fast one, but we will always acknowledge receipt of your communication within the stated time. As soon as we have fully considered your case and issue, and have further developed the appropriate strategy, we will contact you promptly and in a manner of your choosing. It is our goal to always have someone available to you when you need us, and we expect you to trust our assessment of the relative urgency of all of our clients’ needs. We promise to make your case our number one priority when it needs to be.


Following the initial retainer, all subsequent billing statements will be provided monthly, or more frequently if more action has occurred in your case. We promise to make contact with you at least seven (7) days before an event in your case if additional funds are required, unless an event is scheduled without seven (7) days notice. If we do not provide you with the stated advance notice, and you are unable to replenish funds at that time, we will continue our representation. We will always properly prepare for effective, aggressive representation, and will bill you following the event accordingly. We will withdraw from your representation if you do not provide the necessary funds or otherwise make adequate payment arrangements with the firm.


As our client you should never feel blind-sided or uncomfortable dealing with the firm. We promise to uphold the utmost transparency regarding the status of your case in an effort to build an atmosphere of trust and reliability. While the updates and information you receive may not always be positive, we believe it is better to uphold “open-book” business practices than to “sugar-coat” or “hide-the-ball”. To do this, every employee will answer your inquiries directly to the extent of their abilities, and if they are unable to assist you personally, they will find someone who can. We will be upfront from the beginning, setting realistic expectations and explaining our plan for your case.
Every member of our firm stands behind these beliefs, and we collectively function as a team for your benefit. We relentlessly chase the perfection of these ideals so that in the process we may effectively and aggressively represent you and your legal needs.

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