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Robert Carradine’s Divorce is Getting Ugly
Robert Carradine’s Divorce is Getting Ugly

Robert Carradine, star of the popular movie Revenge of the Nerds, has accused his wife of pillaging the couple’s storage unit in an effort to pawn his valuable collectibles. Carradine filed to end their marriage of 25 years in November and as the case progresses, things are getting ugly.

Robert claims that he first thought something was wrong when he realized his key to the storage unit was missing. He called management of the storage facility who informed him that Edith and his adult son had been there moving items, but Robert knew his son was in New Zealand.

Robert is claiming that Edith and the unnamed man stole three antique chairs that were gifts from his grandfather, worth approximately $5000 each. He also claims that Edith took his collection of Pentax cameras, which Robert claimed had sentimental value more than financial worth. TMZ reports that Robert’s deceased brother had gotten him interested in the Pentax cameras. Finally, Robert states that Edith admitted to relocating his $20,000 guitar collection.

Robert is requesting that Edith be ordered to return all of the items to him. He is also asking for an order that prohibits her from using the rubber stamp with his signature.

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