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Signs to Consider Divorce
Signs to Consider Divorce

No matter what amount of time you have been married, making the decision to divorce is difficult. Most spouses wonder if they are making the right choice and if they have done everything possible to make the marriage work. While there is no magic formula for determining when it is time to file for divorce, there are a few objective warning signs that you should look for when trying to decide if it is time to file your divorce:

  • Your interactions with your spouse are negative. All married couples fight, it is normal. However, if you cannot remember the last time you and your spouse had a positive interaction with each other, your marriage is in trouble. You should expect both good and bad times during your marriage, but the good should always outweigh the bad. If this is not the case in your relationship, it might be time to end it.
  • If you discover your spouse has different values, morals and goals than you, it can lead to significant problems. You don’t have to be identical to each other, but having drastically different political, religious or family views can lead to one or both of you being very unhappy.
  • Good communication is essential to a healthy marriage. Spouses who are not open to sharing what is going on in their life or who stop caring about what is going on in your life are headed for a troubled marriage. If you and your spouse cannot communicate with each other, your marriage could be headed for divorce.
  • If you have been ignoring that little voice in your head that keeps telling you it is time to divorce your spouse, it may be time to finally listen and take action. Stop pretending you are happy or that things are going to work out. Your gut instinct about your marriage is probably right. You owe it to yourself to at least seek counseling and explore your legal options. Scheduling a consultation with a divorce attorney does not mean that you must file for divorce. It merely means that you are educating yourself regarding your options so you can make the right decision for your family.

We encourage couples to seek counseling together and individually, or to engage in alternate dispute resolution before heading down the road to divorce. Unfortunately these methods do not always help to repair the marriage and lines of communication, so if you need assistance with your divorce, contact the Men’s Divorce Law Firm today. Our approach to family law is quite simple: we listen to you; we return your calls promptly; we keep you prepared and informed; we respect your time; we understand your concerns; and, most importantly, we care.