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Successful Spring Fundraiser in Support of Judge Heather Higbee
Successful Spring Fundraiser in Support of Judge Heather Higbee

Judge Heather Higbee’s Spring Fundraiser, hosted by the Umansky Law Firm, was an incredible success as the committee joined together with local citizens in support of Judge Higbee’s re-election.

All attendees, including the Men’s Divorce Law Firm’s managing attorney, Jeffrey Feulner, were greeted with excellent music, fantastic food and a touching sense of comradery in gathering for such a worthy cause.

Heather Higbee has already been serving the voters of Orange County as a member of the Judiciary for over two years. Currently she is in a County Civil Division handling small claims actions, personal injury suits, creditor actions and other civil litigation matters. She also ran a special division located at the Orange County Jail sitting in a Circuit Judge capacity for 2009.

Before becoming a Judge, Heather Higbee owned and operated her own law firm, Heather L. Higbee, P.A. for over ten years. There she represented both people charged with criminal offenses as well as families going through legal transitions such as divorces and paternity actions.

Judge Higbee has spent nearly all of her nineteen-year legal career in Florida’s courtrooms. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Duke University in 1987 and then her law degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville. Immediately following law school, Judge Higbee worked as an Assistant State Attorney, remaining in Gainesville for several years before coming back home to Orange County to serve as an Assistant Statewide Prosecutor for the Attorney General’s Office. In her six years as a prosecutor, Judge Higbee prosecuted almost every kind of case before sworn juries, from traffic charges and DUI cases all the way to complex racketeering and organized crime actions.

On August 24, 2010, the Men’s Divorce Law Firm urges you to cast your vote to keep Judge Heather Higbee on the bench so that she may continue serving our best interests.