Ten Ways to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Children after a Divorce

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Ten Ways to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Children after a Divorce

Divorce with children is difficult for everyone involved. The process of going from being part of a family, which once shared daily connection, to living separately, often strains the parent -child relationship.

When you become the parent who the children do not live with most of the time, your contact becomes a matter of following a schedule rather than being present during the majority of their day.

While this new arrangement may not always allow you to be together, by taking certain steps, you can keep and fortify your bond with your children.

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Aggressively Representing Husbands and Fathers

The founder Jeffrey Feulner is a father and has gone through a divorce himself, so he knows exactly what his clients are going through and how to get them the results they deserve. Because of this, the firm always has your best interests in mind and addresses any and all of your concerns while remaining very professional. We make it a priority to always maintain excellent communication and make every client of ours at ease during such a stressful time.

We believe that the rights of husbands and fathers are of utmost priority and we will stop at nothing to give you the expert representation that you deserve. The Men’s Divorce Law Firm likes to advocate an alternative method of dispute resolution. However if we need to go to court and represent our clients we always will.

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There is a common belief that the court systems are biased in favor of the woman or mother. Because of this we always try to make our clients confident that they will be represented in court with the same rights that women have. Our team has years of experience in Florida law and can help you get through your divorce as smoothly as possible.

Men’s Divorce Law Firm believes that both parties can work together to come to an a child custody agreement that is the most beneficial for not just the parents but the kids as well.

We also serve men that are not currently residing in state with Florida child custody matters.

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The Men’s Divorce Law office Speaks to You in Orlando

Whenever spouses and fathers confront divorce, they frequently feel overpowering anxiety and uneasiness. Men who have been a fundamental piece of their homes, their accounts, and their connections all of a sudden end up in circumstances that vibe wild.

At the point when a marriage ends, sentiments of outrage, dread, weakness, and misery are altogether typical, however that doesn’t make them simple to deal with. Women are frequently seen as requiring support, however men experience similar difficulties women do.

Men may encounter money related inconvenience, battle to work as a solitary parent, and manage an indistinguishable treachery from their life partner. Regularly, the man must move far from a family home and has the extra cost associated with outfitting another area. At the point when kids stay with their mom amid divorce procedures, the father feels the worry of confined access and has planning issues that didn’t exist when he lived with them.

Sadly, men are regularly seen as the awful folks amid divorce procedures. Their accounts are examined – their own propensities put under the magnifying lens. Men who figure out how to extend an appearance of quiet are seen as cool or inhumane, yet faultfinders may see enthusiastic shows as proof of instability.

Lawyer Jeffrey Feulner can identify with what men encounter amid a separation, from individual experience Jeffrey Feulner’s Men’s Divorce Law office utilizes individual understanding and broad legitimate involvement to arrange forcefully for customers.

Lawyer Feulner regularly utilizes elective determination techniques, for example, intercession and communitarian law to determine divorce issues, in any case, if a trial is vital, he exceeds expectations at speaking to his customers in court.


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