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‘That Could Have Gone Better’
‘That Could Have Gone Better’

That’s a very common reaction after a family holiday event, whether your have been apart for three months or three decades or any amount of time in between. If one of your New Years’ resolutions is to not let “X” occur again next year, we have a few suggestions.

Manage Expectations

Some people believe that the holiday spirit will restore their relationship and that there will be a storybook marriage on New Years’ Eve at midnight, while others are convinced that their ex-partner will ruin the occasion. The reality is usually somewhere in between. Even the most bitter ex-spouses can usually set aside their differences long enough to share a round of hot chocolate at the local coffee shop, but don’t expect much more than that.

Keep It Public

Try to plan family gatherings in a restaurant or other public place. Adults are less likely to blow up when other people are watching.

Despite the heartwarming stories on the evening news and the continuous loop of Christmas carols on the Orange County radio, if people follow a certain behavior pattern from January through November, don’t expect it to change in December.This Too Shall Pass

It may be the worst root canal in the history of Orlando dentistry, but it will be over soon and forgotten shortly thereafter. Do not do anything to make it worse.

If you need some help picking up the pieces, contact our office for a consultation. We sympathize with your struggles.