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The Uncertainty of Dating After Divorce
The Uncertainty of Dating After Divorce

Divorce impacts every aspect of your life. For many people, living on their own for the first time in years can be intimidating. It can be overwhelming having your own mortgage, seeing your child only 50% of the time, and dealing with everyday life without help. There is usually no time to ease into life after divorce.

You will eventually have to consider moving on and starting to date. Friends and family members with good intentions may even try to set you up on dates or persuade you into going out before you are ready. Balancing being a parent and venturing back into the dating scene can be confusing, frightening and unsettling. You will have to adjust to a life full of uncertainty and constant change.

Dating as a divorced parent presents unique challenges such as when to discuss your history with your date. Do you blurt out everything about your divorce? Do you tell him/her all about your children? How do you know when to introduce your children to this new person in your life?

There are no easy answers to any of these questions. However, it is important that you wait to date until you have come to terms with your mistakes. Don’t be self-conscious or embarrassed about your divorce. Take time to heal and adapt to your new life before taking on another participant in it.

Being a good parent and dating can co-exist. The process is much simpler if you have moved past your divorce and truly discovered and settled into your “new normal.” It is okay to let go of the guilt and move one. Just make sure that you do so in a way that is healthy for you and your children.

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