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The Unique Factors involved in International Divorces
The Unique Factors involved in International Divorces

If you are facing an international divorce, it is imperative that you seek the legal counsel of an attorney experienced in international family law. There are several factors that are particularly important in international matters and most divorce lawyers are not seasoned in dealing with them. A few examples of the factors an international divorce attorney can assist you with include:

  • Forum selection. In international matters, it must be determined which jurisdictions have authority to make rulings regarding your marriage, real and personal property, custody of your children, child support and alimony. We must also determine the applicable laws for each jurisdiction as well as any conflict-of-law rules in order to predict which forum is likely to be the most beneficial to you. Selecting the forum for your international divorce can be one of the most important decisions you make.
  • Strategy. In an international divorce, there are many actions that should and should not be taken. Issues that typically arise concern whether you can relocate, your children can be taken to a different country, you can remove assets, when you should file the divorce action and whether you should seek injunctive relief to protect your rights.
  • Local counsel. Depending upon where your international divorce action is pending, it may be necessary to retain local counsel. Having an attorney assist you with investigating the facts of your case, taking and responding to discovery requests, preparing pretrial motions, handling the trial and any appeals is crucial.

We understand that there are also unique challenges simply because of the differing time zones involved. This can make communication with your spouse or her legal counsel difficult. We are experienced in handling such challenges and making sure that deadlines are met and things don’t get lost in the process.

The expense associated with an international divorce can also be a factor. If one spouse is required to make several expensive trips to another country, the cost can quickly add up. Not only are travel expenses involved, but you must take off from work and in some circumstances arrange for child care while you are away.

Attorney Jeffery Feulner is experienced in handling international family law matters. If you need assistance with your international divorce, contact the Men’s Divorce Law Firm today. Our approach to family law is quite simple: we listen to you; we return your calls promptly; we keep you prepared and informed; we respect your time; we understand your concerns; and, most importantly, we care.