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The Upside of Life After Divorce
The Upside of Life After Divorce

There are a lot of articles that discuss the difficulties of divorce, but it is important to realize that there is more to life than your relationship status. As you heal and begin to move on, you might just discover that life after divorce has certain benefits.

Brittany Wong with the Huffington Post recently posted quotes from readers and bloggers that “offer 12 silver linings of divorce that surprised them most.” Below is a generalized summary, but to read the original article click here.

  • You can decide how to spend your free time. You don’t have to answer to anybody else or worry about upsetting them.
  • Divorce can actually build your confidence. Once you realize that you made it through the process without falling apart, you will feel a sense of pride. Further, as you start to rebuild your life, it feels pretty good to know you are in charge.
  • You may get more quality time with your children. If you have sole custody of your kids, you will be fully immersed in their lives. In most cases, with shared or joint custody, you will get specified amounts of time with them. In this scenario, you plan for your time with your children. It ends up being quality more than quantity. You learn to make every minute count and not take your time with them for granted. You also appreciate having “alone time” every now and then!
  • If you did not get along with your in-laws, you might be surprised at how relieved you feel to not have to deal with them anymore!
  • After divorce, many individuals become themselves again. Once the stress and tension is over, they relax and become the person they want to be. Divorcee’s can pursue their goals without the guilt of taking time away from somebody else.
  • You just might sleep better. The entire bed is yours and nobody’s snoring is keeping you awake.
  • You and your ex-spouse might learn to be friends.

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