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Three Things To Do Before Divorce
Three Things To Do Before Divorce

Divorce is costly, both financially and emotionally. But a few pre-petition items can make the procedure less costly.

Stay Off Social Media

It can be tempting to vent your feelings on Twitter or Facebook. It can be equally tempting to respond to your soon-to-be-ex-spouse’s angry and accusatory text messages. But these posts, tweets and texts can be used against you at a later divorce proceeding in Orlando, or be used as leverage against you in mediation. Ask yourself a few questions before you hit “submit.” Would you want to see these words on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow morning? Would you want your children to see them? Is there any possible way the words could be used against you?

Present a United Front

This step is especially important if you have young children in Central Florida. Break the news to them early, and do it together. Do not offer specifics, like who will live where or whose “fault” it was. Simply assure them that they are not to blame and that there will be changes, but these details will be worked out later. There will be some shock, but children typically handle this news pretty well. Talk to a family therapist or trusted friend if you have trouble coming up with a script.

Do Not Date

Even if you are living in separate houses, or separate communities, do not see other people. These relationships, no matter how casual or serious, introduce an additional element of instability into an already unstable situation. There will be plenty of time for dating later.

The objective in any divorce is to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. For a consultation with attorneys who are on your side, contact our office. The Men’s Divorce Law Firm has been named one of the most family-friendly businesses in the area.