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Top Tips for Preparing for Divorce
Top Tips for Preparing for Divorce

Although women are levelling the playing field in the professional world, it is still more common for the man to be the breadwinner of the family. As a result, when divorce appears to be in the future, it is important to look out for your interests. This doesn’t mean being dishonest, just smart. Below are a few considerations:

  • If you do not have a prenuptial agreement with your spouse, you should consider getting a postnuptial agreement. This type of contract allows you to reach numerous financial decisions after you are married that are legally binding if you later divorce.
  • Start keeping track of where your money is going. You want to be knowledgeable regarding all of your finances and how your money is spent.
  • Make sure you safeguard your privacy. You don’t want your wife to come across an email from your divorce attorney!
  • If you have gathered confidential documents, store them in a safe or locked file cabinet. Even in marriage you are allowed privacy and it is important to know if this boundary has been breached.
  • Postpone any large financial decisions while your marriage is on uncertain ground. In other words, don’t take out any large loans, make investments or even important business decisions regarding your work.
  • If you decide to file for divorce, it is important to be honest in your disclosures. Hiding assets or otherwise obfuscating your finances can only lead to trouble.
  • Even if your wife did not work during your marriage, it does not mean you are legally obligated to financially support her. It is important to confer with your divorce attorney regarding her earning capacity and whether she has the ability to support herself after a transitional period.

The above are just a few examples of factors men should consider when preparing for divorce. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start helping you take action to protect yourself.

Men often find it difficult to find a divorce attorney who understands the unique male perspective on family law matters. If you are facing divorce or you have other family law needs, our legal team is here to help. Contact the Men’s Divorce Law Firm to schedule a consultation with a caring professional, and aggressive advocate for men’s rights in divorce, child timesharing (custody), and paternity matters.