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Updating Insurance Policies After Divorce
Updating Insurance Policies After Divorce

Divorce changes many aspects of your life. Keeping track of all the things you must update after your divorce is final can be overwhelming. It is important to remember to review all of your insurance policies to confirm they still reflect your wishes. Additionally, if you decide to purchase new insurance, be sure to do your research.

Health Insurance

If you have decided to remain on your ex-spouse’s health insurance plan, you will be dealing with a federal law called COBRA. It is important to meet the strict deadlines to ensure that you have continued coverage. You should also confirm that the administrator of the plan has received notification that the nonemployee spouse has elected COBRA coverage.

Life or Disability Insurance

If you have a life insurance policy, you should double-check the beneficiary designation. If your ex-spouse is listed as the beneficiary, you should update your beneficiary form to list somebody else. Even if you want to keep your ex-spouse listed as your beneficiary, you should still contact your insurance agent to ask if your divorce automatically revoked your original designation. If so, new beneficiary designation documents should be completed.

You should also understand that if your spouse agreed to purchase or maintain the life or disability insurance with your children listed as the beneficiaries, you should also confirm it is properly handled. You should follow up with a letter to the insurance company to make sure they understand your rights and to verify that they will contact you if there is any change in the policy or issues with the premium payments.

Auto Insurance

After your divorce you should verify that the vehicle you are driving is properly insured. Additionally, you should confirm that you are the owner of the applicable insurance policy. You want to make sure that the declaration page shows what coverage you have and who is covered under the policy.

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