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Usher’s Custody Battle Drags On
Usher’s Custody Battle Drags On

Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond have gotten an ultimatum in their custody war — they’re at the Atlanta courthouse trying to settle it, and if they can’t the judge is going to lay down the law.  TMZ Reports.The singer and his ex-wife showed up to Fulton County Court the morning of May 1st — where a judge ordered the couple to try and hash out a temporary custody agreement in private mediation.

They had all morning to work something out — depending on the outcome decides if the couple will face the judge again, when he’ll impose a temporary order, deciding how Usher and Tameka will split their time with their kids.

The order will also address child support.

Usher and Tameka have been fighting over their kids for years — Tameka wants full custody, claiming he secretly uses drugs. Usher has denied the allegations, asking for an increase in daddy time. The couple currently shares custody.  Usher has always claimed he is a good father and her other allegations — such as cancelling a Saks 5th Avenue Credit Card — are false.

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