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What if you can’t afford your Child Support Payments?
What if you can’t afford your Child Support Payments?

Many clients come to us because the child support order they obtained years ago no longer works for them. They panic because they want to be a good parent and provide for their children, but they can’t afford the monthly payments anymore. The good news is that the law provides a means for you to modify your child support order if your life circumstances have changed.

The family law court considers a wide variety of factors in calculating the amount your child support payment. For more information, please click here. This amount may be manageable for several years, but then a significant event in your life can change everything. And, as much as you want to provide for you children, it doesn’t change the fact that you are facing financial struggles and can no longer afford the payments.

What are examples of a “substantial change” in your circumstances that can warrant the modification of your child support order? Below are a few situations the judge will consider:

  • You have lost your job or had a significant reduction in income.
  • Your child’s other parent has recently had a significant increase in income.
  • You have been seriously injured or become disabled and you are no longer able to work.
  • Your child wants to live with you the majority of the time.
  • There has been a drastic change in the amount of your child’s needs (for example, medical expenses, educational costs, extracurricular activities, etc.).

If one of the above (or similar type of life change) has occurred, it is likely you have failed to pay child support. In fact, you may have even been held in contempt of court for failing to make the support payments. It is important to take action as quickly as possible after your substantial change occurs in order to avoid a contempt order and to obtain the financial relief you need.

Let us help you seek to modify your child support order. We can help you complete the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (Form 12.902e) as well as the Supplemental Petition to Modify and the Family Law Financial Affidavit.

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