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What is a “Quick Divorce”?
What is a “Quick Divorce”?

You both knew it was coming. That’s why you’re looking for a way to get a quick, easy divorce so you can both go your separate ways in peace.

Maybe you two rushed into things and shouldn’t have gotten married. Or maybe you both know a divorce is necessary for your happiness, so the animosity between you two has shriveled in the face of mutual acceptance.

The cause doesn’t matter, but the process does.

First, you have to be eligible for a divorce in Florida. According to Florida Courts, the law requires that you have resided in the state for the last six months before you can file. It also requires that both parties understand that there will be no trial and both lose their rights to appeal.

Additionally, a simple divorce cannot be obtained if there are any minor children born during the marriage or if the wife is pregnant.

Next, both you and your spouse will need to come to an agreement about how to divide the assets and liabilities. This can be trickier than people realize. We tend to add sentimental value to objects or houses that exceed the market value, making this issue difficult to resolve.

One party must then file the petition for divorce as well as the Marital Settlement Agreement with the circuit court clerk and pay the filing fee. Once a date is set for the final hearing, both parties must appear before the judge to receive the Final Judgment of Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.

The state enacted this process for those who only need to get divorced on paper. While we all want to fast-forward to the end when things are difficult, that approach can prove costly. Hasty decisions without anybody looking out for your interests during an emotional time can have lasting consequences.

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