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When Did You Realize It Was Over?
When Did You Realize It Was Over?

In one of their regular twitter fed posts the Huffington post asked readers to tweet and post the moment they knew their relationship was over and headed for divorce.  Sometimes when going through hardship it is good to know you are not alone.


I realized it was over when I took my wedding ring off and couldn’t bring myself to put it back on…


When I looked across the table at our 7th wedding anniv dinner & realized I had nothing left to say.


Was not just one moment. It was a thousand little disappointments, and heartbreaks. Add them up over time


The love was gone, it was over. You can feel it disappear too, it’s sickening.


When I looked out the back window and saw her and a “friend” (who worked with me that day to put a fence in my backyard) sneaking an intimate moment in the back yard while I was in the house.  I had suspicions, but that was the beginning of the end.  And, a couple months later, when we were still separated but trying to work on things, she invited him over to the house with our family for Thanksgiving.  That was it.


When she told me “I want two husbands – One for sex and one for money.” I asked her which one  was I supposed to be………..


She said I’m not attracted to you anymore and later tried to “clarify” comment


When I pulled her bag off the baggage carousel from a ‘work trip’ and his name was on the claim ticket.


We were moving from Maryland to Minnesota after her job fell through.  She’d taken the daughter and half the stuff out aready, and was supposed to come back to help me move the rest, but things kept coming up… Eventually, I had to pack up the rest by myself and move stuff into storage before getting a chance to move.  Two days before I was going to hit the road, she called and said, “did you get my letter”? I hadn’t, I said why, what was in it?


The moment I knew,

I was talking to a friend of hers and she said, “I think you love her; you just don’t like her.”

I thought about what she said for a second and realized, yep, I dislike almost everything about her and if we weren’t married, I would never associate with someone like that.


One night we had a long talk about what we were building as a couple, and we needed to refocus on managing debt and buying a house.  The next morning, she quit her job.

Then, we went to counseling through her school (she went back in her 30’s after dropping out), and the counselor showed me her transcript.  She hadn’t completed a course in 4 straight semesters, even though she kept racking up the school loan debt.