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Establishing paternity of a child is a significant undertaking, even if it’s what you want. You may be overwhelmed by all the legal implications this could have on you and your child. Accepting responsibility for a child could also affect you in many ways emotionally and financially. In addition, it could be taxing to be claimed as the father of a child you do not believe is biologically yours. Whatever your paternity issue may be, our men’s rights law firm is ready to fight for your rights and get the best possible outcome. Our Altamonte Springs paternity lawyers at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm can explain your next steps when you call to request a consultation.

Paternity Laws In Florida

In Florida, paternity is automatically granted if a child is born to married parents. If the biological paternity does not belong to the husband in question, it must be legally established. If the parents of the child are not married, they can agree to sign a legal document which establishes who the father of the child is, as well as their rights and responsibilities. This document is not the birth certificate, and contrary to popular belief, a man’s name on a birth certificate does not establish his paternity of the child (though it can be used in a legal paternity suit). In the event of a paternity dispute, it may be necessary to obtain a court order or for genetic testing to be done – possibly both. Our experienced Altamonte Springs paternity lawyers know that every situation is unique, and we can walk you through your issue, no matter how complex, every step of the way!

Biological Father Vs. Legal Father

Being the biological father and the legal father of a child are not the same thing, and are not treated equally in the Florida court system. The biological father is the man who fathered the child, while the legal father is the man who has the rights and responsibilities to the child. This would include making important decisions as to the child’s medical care and education, as well as the right to ask for custody in the event of divorce. The legal father is heavily favored in Florida courts, as judges are unlikely to break up an established family unless there is legitimate cause. Therefore, if you are looking to establish paternity and gain rights to a child, it is better to do so sooner rather than later. Our Altamonte Springs paternity lawyers are well-practiced in the intricate laws in Florida and can assist you in seeking rights to a child you believe you may have fathered. 

Paternity Rights And Obligations

Once legal paternity is established, there are many rights gained by the father of the child, which are all of the factors that have a direct impact on your child’s upbringing. However, legal paternity also comes with legal obligations. It is important to be informed of both so that you may consider them before pursuing a paternity suit. 

Parental Rights:

  • Decisions Regarding Education
  • Decisions Regarding Medical Care
  • Decisions Regarding Religion
  • Custody And Visitation
  • Access To Records
  • Ability To Provide Benefits (such as insurance)

Parental Obligations:

  • Financial Support 
  • Medical Expenses 
  • Emotional And Moral Support 
  • Adhering To Custody And Visitation Schedules 

Our Altamonte Springs Paternity Lawyers Work To Get The Best Outcome

At the Men’s Divorce Law Firm, we understand that men find themselves in many different positions when it comes to paternity. Whatever your specific position may be, we will ensure that your perspective is taken into consideration and that you are not targeted by court bias. We are a dynamic team of award-winning attorneys with over 18 years of experience in representing husbands and fathers in Central Florida. Call today to request a consultation and learn how we can get results for you.

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