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10 Ways to Make the Most of Spring Break with Your Kids
10 Ways to Make the Most of Spring Break with Your Kids

Spring break is a great time to spend some time with your kids by either taking a family trip or having fun at home.  Here are ten ideas from All Pro Dad for activities parents can enjoy doing with their kids over break:

1)      Visit the beach.  Nothing will put a smile on kids’ faces like warm sunshine and constructing sand castles with their dad.

2)      Take a trip to a National Park.  Kids are always going to the movies or the mall.  Remind them of the natural beauty America has to offer by taking them to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or the Great Smokey Mountains.

3)      Go to a baseball game.  Take your kids out to a ballgame to enjoy the excitement of this classic American pastime.  Staff members at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm are watching the Atlanta Braves vs. Toronto Blue Jays tomorrow at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  Check out ESPN’s website for a full spring training schedule for upcoming games.

4)      Take an RV road trip.  RV dealers will rent out vehicles at very reasonable prices.  Map out a route across the country with your family to make the planning just as fun as the trip itself.

5)      Create a backyard paradise.  Many fun activities can happen right in your backyard.  Consider turning on the sprinkler and setting up a slip n’ slide for your kids, or create a day for backyard sports.

6)      Become a master at the grill.  Spring break is a great time to try out recipes and techniques for the grill.  Let your kids help out with the safe tasks so they feel they contributed to meals, and make sure to invite the neighbors for a fun backyard social event.

7)      Start an outdoor project.  If you have enough time, consider putting up the tree house or play set your kids have always wanted.  Work on the project together to help teach your kids about the value of hard work.

8)      Volunteer in the community.  Take advantage of the time during spring break to volunteer together and give back to the community.  Let your kids help select the project and make sure to ask them what they learned from the experience at the end of the day.

9)      Visit a wacky tourist attraction.  Take your kids to some of the local tourist attractions you usually would overlook in your town.  Visit RoadSideAmerica to help pick a location, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

10)   Take a food trip.  Take a road trip that will visit some of the restaurants with the best menu offerings around town.  This way your kids will be happy and full!

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm wishes everyone a great spring break!  We encourage parents to take this time to connect with their kids and do something fun together.

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