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Same-Sex Marriages & the New Definition of “Family”
Same-Sex Marriages & the New Definition of “Family”

As more and more states pass legislation recognizing same-sex marriages, the definition of “family” is also changing. While there are still critics that claim children of same-sex couples will suffer, there are stories about children of same-sex couples that are proving them wrong.

According to Richard Wolf of USA Today, one such story is that of Avery Nortonsmith, who is a high school senior that recently turned down Yale. Instead, Nortonsmith is attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study computational neuroscience. He is the son of Heidi Norton and Gina Smith, who played a critical role in the advancement of gay marriage.

However, gay marriage hasn’t been an easy thing for all couples. Julie and Hillary Goodridge were a couple for almost two decades when they were finally married in 2004. They separated after two years and divorced in 2009. The media attention that was placed on their marriage and the pressure they were under to lead the gay-marriage movement ultimately placed too much stress and pressure on their relationship.

Additionally, same-sex couples still face a significant amount of discrimination. This is particularly true when they travel to states that have yet to legally acknowledge same-sex marriages. Many gay and lesbian couples report anything from having been bullied to receiving death threats. Fortunately, as more laws are passed supporting gay rights, acceptance and conversations are taking place.

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