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2 NFL Players… 2 Women… 2 Stabbings… What’s Happening in the NFL?
2 NFL Players… 2 Women… 2 Stabbings… What’s Happening in the NFL?

NFL Players, Marshall and Hunter, both suffered a knife attack from their domestic partners less than a week apart from each other.

According to a recent article by Sports Illustrated, the wife of Brandon Marshall, stabbed him in the abdomen with a kitchen knife, sheriff’s deputies said this past Saturday.

Michi Nogami-Marshall, 26, was arrested Friday evening and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. According to a Broward County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Nogami-Marshall told officers she was defending herself. The Miami Dolphins receiver had told officers he slipped and fell onto a broken glass vase, but the officers noted that evidence at the couple’s home didn’t substantiate that claim.

Nogami-Marshall was released from jail Saturday on $7,500 bail. It was unclear if she had an attorney. The Miami Dolphins receiver has been released from the hospital and is expected to fully recover from his domestic injury.

Marshall married Michi Nogami in Miami last July. They met while both were students at Central Florida. They live in Southwest Ranches, which is near the Dolphins’ complex in Davie.

A year ago last week, Marshall, 27, was traded to the Dolphins by the Denver Broncos for two second-round draft picks. In Denver, he caught at least 100 passes three consecutive years and twice made the Pro Bowl. Yet he wore out his welcome, in part because of a long legal record.

For all his talents on the field, Marshall has had several run-ins with the law and visits to commissioner Roger Goodell’s office to discuss his off-the-field behavior (ESPN). He was suspended for the 2008 opener following a series of domestic disputes involving his girlfriend. According to People Magazine, in March 2009, a fight between the couple, who were engaged at the time, resulted in Marshall’s arrest for misdemeanor battery. Charges were dropped when neither party agreed to testify.

Less than a week after Marshall’s stabbing, today’s news broadcasts that another player has been stabbed in an alleged domestic dispute.

Jason Hunter, former defensive end for the Detroit Lions, is recovering from a stab wound to the left shoulder; his condition is currently unknown. Sources tell Action News that 27-year-old Hunter, who was driven to Detroit Receiving Hospital by someone he knows, said it was his 23-year-old girlfriend who stabbed him this morning. Police also told the Detroit Free Press that Hunter’s girlfriend stabbed him. USA Today reported that a 911 call was placed after 9 a.m. ET but police couldn’t say when the stabbing occurred.

Action News was told that 27-year-old Hunter, who played for the Lions in 2009 and is currently under contract with the Denver Broncos, would not say where the stabbing took place.

Detroit police did take Hunter’s girlfriend into custody and told Action News that she was facing charges including felonious assault. Investigators later said the woman would not be arraigned on the charges because Hunter does not want to pursue the matter.

It’s unclear how these consecutive stabbings will affect the NFL players’ careers. Our best wishes for their speedy recovery.

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