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3 Benefits Of Working With A Men’s Divorce Law Firm
3 Benefits Of Working With A Men’s Divorce Law Firm

Getting divorced may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever walk through…but if you’re a husband or father, it may be that much harder for you specifically because of your gender. There are some issues unique to men in divorce that you need to overcome in order to secure a fair outcome and lay the best foundation for your future (and for your children’s future, if you have children). That’s why it is important to work with a knowledgeable divorce attorney, but it is even better to work with a men’s divorce law firm that has a sole focus on defending men’s rights.

Here are 3 reasons why it is in your best interests to retain a lawyer or law firm that only represents men!

1 – Firms Who Focus On Men Have A Better Understanding Of Court/System Bias 

The truth is that family courts have been biased against men for generations. This is slowly changing, for the better, but evidence of bias still exists and still affects Florida families every day.

Let’s take custody as an example, which is often a part of divorce. Note that it is technically illegal for Florida family law courts to make custody decisions based on gender, but it has only been this way since 2008. Prior to then, something called the “tender years” doctrine was in effect, which resulted in mothers receiving custody in over 90% of divorce cases. After 2008, the law determined it was in a minor child’s best interests to have contact with both parents, and stated there was “no presumption for or against the father or mother”.

However, statistics show that in 2018, only 1 of every 5 custodial parents in the United States was a father. That’s because while bias may no longer be allowed to officially influence the decision, it still exists. Judges may not think that dads have the skills necessary to take care of a toddler, or that dads who are dedicated to their career won’t make the time to emotionally provide for the child, when both of those assumptions are based on decades-old gender bias.

Even if kids are not involved, men may be presumed to make more money than their wives or have a better grasp on financials, and may be ordered to pay more in alimony (or in child support, if custody is being decided). Whether or not you do actually make more may be disproportionate to the amount that you may be faced with paying.

A men’s divorce law firm understands how Florida family laws have changed over the years and how to spot court bias; they have honed this skill, more so than firms who represent both men and women have. They can explain what may happen and build a strong case against bias. They will gather evidence to present and fight for fairness – making sure that you aren’t paying an unfair amount, that assets and debts are divided equitably, and that you have an equal chance at staying extremely present in your kids’ lives.

2 – Firms Who Represent Men In Divorce Cases Are Better Equipped To Combat Tactics Women May Employ To Get Their Way. 

Men’s divorce law firms are not anti-women; in fact, most men’s divorce law firms will encourage clients to treat their spouses or ex-spouses politely and respectfully, and to cooperate with them as much as possible. Otherwise, with the bias in family court, any negative treatment could lead to restraining orders, sole custody for the mother, and financial penalties.

This is because sometimes – not always, but sometimes – women will use unethical tactics or make false claims (of domestic violence, verbal abuse, adultery, other paternity, etc.) in order to sway the judge. Women may feel defensive and scared, as men also feel, but this doesn’t mean that they should villainize men in the process or that they have the right to bend the truth. This can have disastrous and unjust consequences for your future and your relationship with your children.

A men’s divorce law firm will know how to confirm and present the truth. They can stand up against these kinds of tactics and keep you from making mistakes that could put your case at risk.

3 – Men’s Divorce Law Firms May Make You Feel More Comfortable In The Process & Connect You To A More Supportive Community. 

Sometimes, you just need to talk to somebody who gets you and who gets what you’re going through. A men’s divorce law firm has likely worked with hundreds of other men in your shoes, and may employ male attorneys who have been in your shoes as well. They will take the time to listen to you and affirm you. They can connect you to great resources, including parenting help designed for single dads or male support groups. With them behind you, you can face the process with confidence.

If You’re A Guy Navigating Divorce, Call THE Men’s Divorce Law Firm Today To Request A Consultation! 

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