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5 Types of Florida Alimony
5 Types of Florida Alimony

You might be surprised to learn that there is more than one type of alimony that can be awarded in your divorce case. In Florida, there are five different types of alimony:

  1. Permanent periodic. This is probably the arrangement that you think of when you hear the word “alimony.” This type of spousal support is a court award of on-going monthly payments until one of the parties dies or the recipient spouse remarries. If there is a demonstrated need and disparity of income, but the payer does not have the ability to make the payments, a “nominal award” can be made. This means that an award has been granted with the intent that the payment amount will be modified in the future.
  2. Rehabilitative. As the name indicates, rehabilitative alimony is awarded for the purpose of improving the earning potential of the spouse receiving the support. The goal is to assist the receiving spouse in becoming self-sufficient so the need for long-term support is eliminated. In most cases, this type of alimony is used to pay for further education or job training for the recipient.
  3. Bridge-the-Gap. This type of alimony is most commonly awarded in divorces where the marriage was short-term, so it is temporary financial assistance. The focus of this monetary support is to assist the recipient with transitioning from married life back to single life.
  4. Lump sum. There are some cases where a lump sum award of spousal support is necessary. This type of award is most commonly used when the court awards the marital residence to one party.
  5. Temporary. If spousal support is needed while the divorce case is pending, a temporary award can be made. This type of award is based on the parties’ current standard of living and current ability to pay. It is important to understand that alimony can be awarded temporarily even if the court ultimately denies the request for spousal support in the final judgment.

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