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Attorney Feulner Meets Katie Couric
Attorney Feulner Meets Katie Couric

Attorney Feulner was very excited yesterday to meet Katie Couric as she promoted her new show Katie, airing 2pm on Wednesdays on WESH starting September 10th.


Attorney Jeffrey Feulner and Katie Couric


“Katie” will reunite Couric with executive producer Jeff Zucker, who guided her through many successful years on NBC’s “Today.”

At the invitation-only promotional lunch in the WESH 2 studios Orlando attendees had the opportunity to ask Couric questions about her life, career, and upcoming show.  One such question was how she managed such a successful career as well as being a single mother of two children.  Among her comments on the difficulty of work-life balance Couric expressed how she found it odd that single fathers were rarely asked the same question.  When single fathers often times found themselves facing the same difficulties as single mothers and should be praised for their efforts as well.  Attorney Feulner couldn’t agree more.

Just as charming in person as on TV it was a wonderful experience to meet this iconic woman in news and talk media today.