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Blake Shelton Sues Tabloid
Blake Shelton Sues Tabloid

In Touch, a tabloid magazine, has pushed Blake Shelton too far this time. The tabloid published a cover story claiming that the country singer and judge on The Voice, had an alcohol problem that contributed to his divorce from Miranda Lambert. Further, the story alleged that Shelton’s heavy drinking was leading him to seek help in a rehabilitation center.

Shelton’s defamation lawsuit seeks to recover in excess of $1 million in damages resulting from the false story. Shelton’s attorneys claim that InTouch’s publisher, Bauer Publishing Co., have repeatedly published false information regarding Shelton and his divorce from Lambert.

As reported by The Huffington Post, “Blake Shelton has had enough,” the lawsuit begins before refuting claims made in the article and laying out the Grammy-nominated singer’s busy schedule. “Mr. Shelton is not in rehab and has no plans to go to rehab.” In fact, Shelton’s attorneys point the court’s attention to the fact that the country singer is continuing to work as a judge on The Voice as well as his greatest hits album.

In addition to the story regarding Shelton’s drinking problem contributing to the divorce from Lambert, In Touch also published a previous story claiming that Shelton had cheated on Lambert which also was a major factor leading to the power couple’s divorce. The cover story contended that Shelton had hit “rock bottom” and heading to rehab.

“To be clear: Mr. Shelton has not hit rock bottom,” the lawsuit states. Shelton’s lawyers further claim that the story was published without any effort by the tabloid to contact the singer’s attorneys or other representatives. Additionally, the magazine has not responded to Shelton’s request for a retraction.

In addition to the million dollars in damages, Shelton is requesting that the court grant an injunction that would prevent In Touch from repeating allegations in the disputed story.

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