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Bobby Flay & Stephanie March have Finalized Their Divorce
Bobby Flay & Stephanie March have Finalized Their Divorce

Bobby Flay and Stephanie March, who separated in March after 10 years of marriage, have finalized their divorce.

The couple released a joint statement saying “[w]e have come to an amicable divorce settlement.” We look forward to putting this difficult time behind us, and we ask that you respect our privacy as we move forward.”

However, according to New York Post’s Page Six, the duo’s divorce was far from friendly. The celebrity chef was allegedly having an affair which was the cause of their split. Flay denies the affair. Now there are claims that March is being kicked out of their Manhattan home, where she has been living and caring for your ill mother.

Sources have revealed that Flay will be keeping the Manhattan home as well as the house in The Hamptons. March will be required to leave the home by a certain date in the next several months. It is not clear what March’s future living arrangements will be, especially since she will still be caring for her mother.

Although Flay is getting both homes in the divorce, March it entitled $5,000 per month in alimony pursuant the couple’s prenuptial agreement. The actress has argued that this amount is insufficient due to the fact that she has had poor health and been forced to cut back on her career. Sources say that Flay is worth an estimated $20 million, so when March’s attorneys questioned the alimony amount in the prenuptial agreement, a more beneficial settlement was reached.

According to New York Post’s Page Six, March’s “friends say the more generous settlement wasn’t due to Bobby’s desire to do the right thing, but his fear of being exposed [as an alleged cheater].”

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