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Book Review – Be A Great Divorced Dad
Book Review – Be A Great Divorced Dad

Be A Great Divorced Dad is a handbook that covers the practical and emotional issues facing divorced fathers today, by media psychologist, divorce and custody expert, Dr. Kenneth Condrell.

Over half of American marriages end in divorce, and every year another 500,000 men become single fathers; shockingly, 95% of these divorced dads do not have primary custody of their children. In his book, BE A GREAT DIVORCED DAD, Dr. Kenneth Condrell gives single dads everywhere an indispensable guide to making the transition from husband/father to loving and involved single parent, even if the custody arrangement only allows two weekends a month.

BE A GREAT DIVORCED DAD is a practical guide filled with empathetic advice, not a collection of theoretical double-talk.  Dr. Condrell is a psychologist with 30 years of experience as a family therapist, but he is also the divorced father of three– his experiences provide a perfect background to help other divorced dads through the maze of single parenting challenges.  With clear detail and effective examples, BE A GREAT DIVORCED DAD addresses the pressing issues that arise after custody is resolved, including the following.

  • How to avoid the most common divorced dad pitfalls
  • Does a failed marriage mean a failed parent?
  • Moving on: the challenge of dating new people (and explaining to the children).
  • Making the most of time with the kids.
  • Dealing with birthdays and holidays.

Divorce can be an opportunity for tremendous healing and growth, but newly divorced fathers need the insights of those who have been through the experience. Dr. Condrell’s BE A GREAT DIVORCED DAD is filled with the guidance and support that single dads need to not only tackle the emotional and logistical dilemmas of divorce, but to become– or remain– loving, effective parents.


Be a Great Divorced Dad is written expressly and directly for dads to show them how to make a successful transition from husband/father to single dad.  It directly answers the question: “How can I be an effective parent when I typically see my children only every other weekend?”

The time after divorce is not only one of personal emotional turmoil, but it’s also a time when it will be necessary for fathers to focus on playing catch-up as a parent.  It isn’t that fathers are less capable than mothers; it’s that in many cases they don’t automatically know exactly how to care for children.  Neither did Mom; she’s just had a head start in practicing the parenting game.  A divorced father coming out of a traditional marriage may at first be at a disadvantage with his parenting skills.  But most men can easlity learn how to shop, cook, feed, give baths, and help with homework within six to twelve months.

Many men feel overwhelmed after a marital breakup — adrift in a sea of legal, economic, and emotional entanglements.  This book can serve as an anchor; it supports fathers by offering advice on how to share the responsibility of raising children with the least amount of conflict.  This book provides all the information needed so they can play on a level field as parents, and “win” as fathers.

Be a Great Divorced Dad has been written for men by a man.  It presents the best approaches I have learned on how single-parent fathers can deal with their greatest fears:

  • That their children will grow up damaged by the divorce;
  • That their children will not want to be with them;
  • That they will not have enough time with their children to influence and guide them through life.

This book will help fathers face these fears and take positive action.

I’m often asked how I’m able to cope with the endless unhappy stories I hear each day from fathers who are divorced or in the process of getting a divorce.  Helping families find solutions for themselves to challenging problems is what has given me the most satisfaction.  This book collects the experiences of the many divorced fathers — and their children — whom I have counseled over the years.  It is filled with their voices.

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