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Book Review: Fathering at Risk
Book Review: Fathering at Risk

The book, Fathering at Risk, takes a look at the serious issues surrounding fatherhood that often times go unnoticed.There may be no “right” or “wrong” road when it comes to parenting.  Every parent is out simply doing the best they can for their children.  However, just because there’s not one way does not mean that drawing from the knowledge of researchers, psychologists, and others insights cannot help you find your own path.  This book is an ideal opportunity to do just that for both men and women.

It conducts an analysis of the problems that fathers may face in today’s society throughout fatherhood.  Authors James R. Dudley and Glenn Stone shift the focus onto absent fathers from divorcee, teen pregnancies, or unmarried households.   Finally, they offer insights on how fathers can be better helped to improve.

This is more than just a book about social issues.  As much as it is designed to educate and inform it is also designed to help and teach fathers on how to implement the tools and prevent the problems the book brings up.  Even if there is no “at risk” or extreme situation the book emphasizes the importance of a father being active and present in their children’s lives.

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