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Breaking Hearts for Breaking Dawn
Breaking Hearts for Breaking Dawn

Radio contest taken too far?  Nick Cannon and Sarah Lee on their show “Rollin’ With Nick Cannon” (Part of the 92.3 radio station) have been asking people to break someone’s heart on air for two tickets to the new movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Twilight fans are hardly subtle with their crazes, from “Team Edward” to “Team Jacobt-shirts and more Twlight has swept the nation.  As a result, the radio show “Rollin’ With Nick Cannon” has something worth more than gold (or relationship security, apparently) to these Twilight fans: tickets to a special preview of the new movie “Breaking Dawn” a day before the movie is released in theaters.

But these tickets aren’t given out for free, or even just to “lucky caller number 7,” they want their contestants to work for them.

Playing off of the name, “Breaking Dawn,” the radio hosts are asking people to break the hearts of their significant others on air.  The rules are simple: the participants cannot mention the tickets, indicate they are on air, let their significant other know its for a radio show, and must break the person’s heart.  Co-host Sarah Lee said she wanted to, “hear [their heart] shatter.”

At first, you may think that no one would dare put their significant other through such an ordeal just for some movie tickets.  However, a slew of contestants (mostly women given the subject matter) happily put their boyfriends, fiancees, even husbands on the air and mock (or seriously) broke up with them.

Their website has two clips which you can listen to of the contest in action:

Clip 1

Clip 2

The article on 92.3’s website claims that (in their opinion) the relationship was made stronger from the ordeal.  But we could imagine a discussion might have occurred when the women got home.

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