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Brian Dunkleman’s Nasty Custody Battle
Brian Dunkleman’s Nasty Custody Battle

Brian Dunkleman, the former “American Idol” host who was fired after one year, is involved in a nasty custody fight. He and his wife, Kalea, are making claims of physical abuse, alcohol addiction, and child stealing. They have been married since 2007.

Dunkleman alleges that Kalea is an alcoholic, that she is out of control, and that she is a danger to their 3-year-old son, Jackson. He says that when she was drunk one time she punched him in the face. Further, he claims that she has gotten involved with a cartel drug dealer that she met while in rehab.

Dunkleman says he took Jackson to New York because he was scared for him. He even went to court to obtain temporary physical custody of Jackson.

Kalea’s side of the story is that Brian is the abuser. She alleges Dunkleman has picked her up and thrown her against a wall in front of Jackson. She says he was also verbally abusive and called her numerous offensive names. She claims he even locked her out of their home one time and forced her to use the restroom outside while he was smirking at her.

Kalea has admitted that she has had issues with alcohol and that drinking played a role in her job as a publicist for famous chefs such as Wolfgang Puck. However, Kalea says her drinking is in the past.

Kalea has asked the judge to issue an order requiring Brian to return their son to California.

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