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Bringing Your Adopted Child Home
Bringing Your Adopted Child Home

Hopefully you have read our prior blog discussing tips for preparing to adopt a child. Below are a few considerations for when you are ready to bring your adopted child home:

  • Bringing your new family member home is certainly a reason to celebrate, but you might not want the party to be the child’s first day in his or her new home. It is overwhelming enough for a young child to deal with a happy but stressful situation, so keeping it low-key can help take some of the pressure off. If friends and family insist on visiting, try to spread them out and keep it short.
  • You are now your child’s security, so keep him or her close to you to provide an extra sense of protection and comfort. As your child sees that you are there when they need you, he or she will bond with you quicker. This can be an adjustment for new parents who are not used to have a little shadow following the everywhere, but remember it will get better with time.
  • Don’t freak out if your child is scared or cries. This is not a sign of rejection, but just part of the adjustment process. Toddlers may not fully understand what is happening, but as time passes they will make the transition. It is important to give yourself time too. Love takes time to develop, so don’t expect it to happen instantly.
  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this transition. If your new child requires a lot of attention, take turns with your spouse so you each get a full night of sleep at least every other night. You will handle things better if you are rested, and your child will be looking at how you are reacting to them during this time.

There is no magic formula for how to handle bringing home your adopted child, so all you can do is the best you can. Parenting is a tough job, but also one of the most rewarding jobs. Be patient and loving with your child, and it will all work out.

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