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California Bill Protects Soldiers’ Child Custody Rights
California Bill Protects Soldiers’ Child Custody Rights

For the past few months, Fathers & Families has gathered support for a California Bill that will protect the loving bond between servicemembers and their children.  The bill was created after many servicemembers lost contact with their children while they were overseas because the custodial parent would limit contact through letters and phone calls.  It became very difficult for deployed servicemembers to keep in touch with their kids because of this continued interference from the other parent.

The new bill, AB 2416, states that grandparents, stepparents, and extended family members will have the ability to exercise a deployed soldier’s normal parenting time.  This not only helps in protecting the bond between children and their deployed parents, but it also strengthens the bond children have with other family members, such as grandparents and stepparents.  The bill further states that when soldiers returned, original custody and visitation arrangements will resume.

With the help of Assemblyman Paul Cook, Legislative Representative Michael Robinson, and Assistant Legislative Representative Nicole Silverman, Father & Families has been able to drum up enough support to get the bill passed by the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  The bill will now be presented to the General Assembly for further approval, but it is favored to pass there as well.

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm is pleased to see that state legislaters are standing up for fathers’ rights.  We hope this movement continues across the nation, and we look forward to seeing the bill pass in California’s General Assembly.

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