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Can Spouses Share a Divorce Attorney?
Can Spouses Share a Divorce Attorney?

Many couples who are divorcing amicably ask if they can share a divorce attorney in order to save money. The quick answer is “no.” Even if you and your spouse believe you have resolved all the major issues in your divorce and the divorce is “uncontested,” sharing a lawyer creates a conflict of interest for the lawyer.

An attorney cannot represent opposing parties, which divorcing parties are regardless of how well they have settled the issues between them. It is an ethical dilemma for the attorney because unforeseen disputes could arise and the lawyer has an obligation to protect the best interests of his client, which cannot occur if he or she represents both spouses.

It is important for each spouse to retain their own independent counsel, but to continue to work together to part ways amicably. This is the best strategy for keeping the cost of your divorce as low as possible. In fact, you may want to consider using mediation or the collaborative law process for your divorce. The use of an alternative dispute resolution method allows a divorcing couple to:

  • Reach a fair and reasonable divorce settlement quicker
  • Save time and expense during the legal process
  • Maintain more privacy in their divorce
  • Have more control over the ultimate outcome of your divorce

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm exhausts all possible dispute resolution services prior to proceeding with the assistance of the courts. In doing so, we have created trusting partnerships with Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediators that are able to guide you effectively and efficiently through all issues surrounding a dissolution of marriage. Please contact our experienced men’s divorce attorneys today for assistance in the selection process.