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Can we Divorce While Still Living Together?
Can we Divorce While Still Living Together?

In today’s economy, a question that often arises is whether or not a couple must live separately in order to obtain a divorce. There are a variety of circumstances in which a couple that has mutually agreed to divorce might continue to live together, including:

  • Financially they cannot afford two separate residences
  • One spouse moved out, then returned to the marital residence for what was meant to be a temporary situation, but days turned into months
  • The couple wants to live together for the benefit of the children

Under Florida law, it is not necessary for a married couple that has decided to divorce to live separately in order to obtain a divorce decree. What is primarily required to obtain a Florida divorce is that the marriage be “irretrievably broken,” which can occur even if the spouses are living in their marital residence.

Florida residents are facing foreclosures and other economic difficulties. As a result, you should not postpone your divorce because you and your spouse cannot afford separate residences. It is even not unheard of for divorced couples to continue living together after their divorce for purely financial reasons.

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