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Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday After Divorce
Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday After Divorce

When you have children and you get a divorce, it can be difficult to create a “fair” holiday schedule. At some point, one of the parents will not be happy and, depending on the child’s age, your child may not understand. One of the most difficult holidays to divide is your child’s birthday. Do you really want a parent to miss the celebration?

Most divorce orders set forth a co-parenting schedule for visitation time and how holidays will be handled. However, nothing says that you and your spouse can’t work together and show each other some leniency. Even with technology allowing the parent that is separated from the child to face-time or Skype, seeing your child on a screen just isn’t the same as seeing them in person.

So, while it may be awkward for you, allowing your ex-spouse to attend your child’s birthday party may be the best gift you can give your son or daughter. Showing your child that even though you and your ex-spouse no longer live together, your love for him or her overcomes any of the reasons you got divorced. In other words, don’t make your child split classmates or friends up so you and your ex-spouse don’t have to see each other. Be good hosts and let your child just enjoy having both sides of the family together for his or her special day.

It is okay to feel those pangs of sadness and anger. You may even grieve the loss of seeing your ex-spouse’s family members. Ultimately, however, you know you made the right choice for everyone involved. Your child can grow up in two happy and healthy environments, instead of one sad one. Just remember, putting your child first is something that you and your ex-spouse can agree upon regardless of everything else. Your children deserve if because, in the end, our children are always the best thing to come out of our marriage.

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