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Child Custody Facts you should Know
Child Custody Facts you should Know

If your marriage is broken and divorce is on the table, you are probably worried about how it will impact your children. It is important to understand, however, that while divorce will be hard on your children, it is better than growing up around two unhappy parents.

For men, a child custody dispute can feel like an uphill battle. Below are some facts about child custody that you need to know:

  1. Prove your involvement with your children. This means you should keep records of all the activities you do with your children. Whether it is coaching their basketball team or attending events at school, you want the judge or social worker to know that you should not be split from your children.
  2. Demonstrate your stability. Most men are able to prove they are financially stable, but the family law judge will want to see more than that. You must show the court a schedule, home and structure that will allow your kids to thrive.
  3. Show you can be flexible. It is important for men to also show that they can handle the emergencies that often arise with children. For example, how will you handle it if your child calls sick from school?
  4. Submit evidence that you’re a good dad. Whether you call witnesses to testify or show documentation that you have attended parenting classes, the court will want to know that you know what it means to be a parent. You should also stress to the court that you are committed to your child’s education. This may include the fact that you help your child with homework every night or you take him or her to museums.
  5. Be nice to your ex-wife. It will not help your child custody case if you show anger or bitterness toward your ex-wife. The court wants to see that both parents are able to work together for the best interests of their children.
  6. Show you have a support network. Nobody can do it all alone. Thus, it is helpful if you have family or friends that are there to help when you need it.

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