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Collaborative Divorce – Will it Work in Florida?
Collaborative Divorce – Will it Work in Florida?

You may not be aware that there is a less adversarial way to get divorced in New Jersey. It is a process called “collaborative divorce.” Governor Christie signed the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act in 2014, making it the fourth means for obtaining a divorce in our state. Your divorce options are litigation, mediation, arbitration and collaboration.

Collaborative divorce provides couples a way to obtain a quicker and less costly divorce than the traditional divorce process. It involves the spouses, their attorneys and any necessary experts to work together in a cooperative spirit. The whole idea behind collaborative divorces is to avoid anything adversarial. Any experts that are needed to assist with the complexities of your case are jointly chosen. This may include accountants, counselors, real estate professionals and a variety of others.

Below are a few of the reasons you and your spouse may want to consider a collaborative divorce:

  • When a divorce must be litigated in court, it is usually very expensive. The money that is spent in simply obtaining the divorce order could be used in helping the couple pay for separate homes or otherwise preparing for their lives as singles.
  • Collaborative divorce, gives you much more say in the outcome of your divorce. A judge is not making the decisions for you. Rather, everyone involved works together to make compromises and negotiate an outcome that works for you and your spouse.
  • If you have children, collaborative divorce is more beneficial for them. When parents create a co-parenting plan together, it helps remove stress and doubt from the children. If they see their parents working together, it helps them have a sense of peace about the situation.
  • Collaborative divorce permits a couple to establish a more creative agreement for their future. The court is bound by options set forth in statutes, which can be quite restrictive. Settling any issues outside of the courtroom allows you to tailor an agreement that specifically addresses your unique situation.

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