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Consulting A Divorce Attorney | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney
Consulting A Divorce Attorney | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney

Can The Men’s Divorce Law Firm Answer My Questions?

If you are considering divorce, you probably have many questions. What could happen to your assets? How often would you get to see your children? What obstacles could you encounter? Our Orlando divorce attorneys at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm are knowledgeable about divorce and family law, and are ready to answer your questions.

A Voice For Men’s Divorce In Orlando

At the Men’s Divorce Law Firm, we fight to defend the rights of husbands and fathers. Call us today, to speak to one of our attorneys, and set up your consultation.

Jeffrey Feulner: “I have people call all the time who are not quite ready to get divorced, but they want to know what might happen if they get divorced. What’s going to happen to their assets? What will happen with their children? Will they have to pay alimony? So we absolutely do consultations with individuals, and we actually encourage people to come here before they make their decision to start their divorce process so that they can get an idea of what’s coming.

When a client comes into the office for a full consultation, we do charge $300. Those consultations are not for any set period of time, so if we need some extra time in your particular case, we never want to make you feel like you’re going to be rushed out the door. But, by the same token, some matters we can discuss and get through pretty quickly.”