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David Hasselhoff Can’t Afford Spousal Support
David Hasselhoff Can’t Afford Spousal Support

David Hasselhoff has apparently ran his well dry, and now his ex-wife could be feeling the squeeze. He recently filed a motion with the court to terminate his spousal support payments from his 2006 divorce, per TMZ.

The former Baywatch star has made an incredible amount of money over his career due to his part-ownership of the most watched television series in history, according to When you add in his earnings from Knight Rider and his singing career, the man nicknamed “The Hoff” has pulled in well over $100 million over the years.

That incredible earning power set up his ex-wife well. Pamela Bach, who Hasselhoff believes could find work considering her acting and directing talent, has received $21,000 per month—or $252,000 a year—since the divorce was finalized.

Obviously, she has had little incentive to work. Hasselhoff is hoping to prove to the judge that not only is she capable of supporting herself, but that he simply can’t continue making such large payments. In fact, he told the court that he’s had to raid his retirement accounts to make ends meet thus far.

Hasselhoff informed the court that he has $66,000 in monthly bills, and that’s before taxes and the check for Ms. Bach, which is why his monthly earnings of $112,000 don’t stretch far enough to maintain the large spousal support payment.

He has also asked the court to consider his age (63) and his desire to retire soon when deciding on this alimony issue.

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