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Dealing with Emergencies During a Divorce | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney
Dealing with Emergencies During a Divorce | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney

If I Have An Emergency, Will the Men’s Divorce Law Firm Help Me?

A divorce can be a scary, stressful experience — and emotions can run high. Emergencies do happen. What happens if your spouse tries to run away with the children? What happens if you urgently need to speak to an attorney? Our Orlando divorce attorneys are always ready — we have protocols for handling these types of situations, and we are not afraid to step up, and help our clients.

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“The first thing, of course, we explain what our firm could do for them. There are some times where, unfortunately, something happens and they maybe should have called us just before that incident, and let’s say, they’re already on the plane type of situation.

However, at that point, Attorney Feulner has actually opened a vast variety of communication with us. We can text him, call him, email him. He has just any way to get a hold of him and when emergencies happen, everyone in the office stops and works on that case.

If we have all seven paralegals on the phone making phone calls to airlines, to whoever needs to be called, every single person in the office works as a team, and as a unit to make sure that that is taken care of.

If he has out-of-office appointments, and there is a way that he can call us or get back to the office, he will. At that point, we would explain what’s going on. He would instruct us over the phone if he needed to, if it couldn’t wait, and instruct us exactly on what we should be doing right then.

Also, there’s other times where he gives that potential client his name and number and says, ‘Give this to the officials or if there’s a police officer there, let us call them,’ and it’s that quick.

I know that other people might have to go through an entire retaining process and sit down and consult. When there’s an emergency, he definitely treats it the way it is, and I’ve never seen Attorney Feulner get afraid of a situation or a case where he’s, ‘I’m not going to deal with that. That’s too much.’

That’s the quality service that we give and that actually makes me very proud to work here.”