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Dear Fathers
Dear Fathers

Dear Fathers,

As Father’s Day approaches this weekend, I’ve been reflecting on all of the clients, friends, and community members that I’ve met who have dedicated themselves to being a good father.  Men who use their lunch break to volunteer at their child’s school for an hour.  Men who surprise their daughter right before Christmas with tickets to the Nutcracker ballet for a father/daughter date.  Men who have made it their goal in life to always be there for their kids, even after a divorce with the mother.

I defend fathers every day by promoting fairness and equality in the court room, and I remind fathers that being an important role model is the key to the success and happiness of your child.  I will continue my work as my staff and I spread the message of Fathers, Families, Fairness throughout the local community, nation, and eventually, the world.  It is our mission to be here to support and recognize you for your ongoing efforts.

So on June 20th, take a moment to reflect on your own successes as a father.  Spend time with your kids, accept gifts of ties and power tools thankfully, and remember that you are making a difference, not only in the lives of your children, but in the fight for father’s rights everywhere.

Happy Father’s Day.


Jeffrey Feulner

Managing Attorney, Men’s Divorce Law Firm

Proud Father of Two