Defending the Rights of Husbands and Fathers | Orlando Men's Divorce Attorney

Defending the Rights of Husbands and Fathers | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney

What Makes the Men’s Divorce Law Firm Unique?

Why is it important that your attorneys advocate for the men’s perspective of divorce?

Our Orlando divorce attorneys are focused on defending the rights of husbands and fathers, and fighting for the men’s view of divorce. We believe in equality — we believe that fathers should have the same chances to be loving, involved parents as mothers. This is what makes us a unique law firm.

A Voice For Men’s Divorce In Orlando

If you would like to speak to a team of dedicated attorneys, the Men’s Divorce Law Firm is here. Our firm fights to defend the male point of view in divorce. Our attorneys are ready to fight for your rights as a husband and father. Call us today.

Jeffrey Feulner: “I think, because of the focus of the practice, it has allowed the firm to really direct our efforts consistently on a day-to-day basis. Every time we go into court, we’re arguing the same points of law instead of arguing both sides depending on what clients we have, and there’s just a truth and honesty to that, and I think we’ve been extremely consistent in what we present out in the community.”

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