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Denise Richards Claims Charlie Sheen has Betrayed his Children
Denise Richards Claims Charlie Sheen has Betrayed his Children

Denise Richards is feuding with her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, again. Richards is claiming that Sheen has turned his back on a Trust that he created for their benefit. More specifically, the Trust would have provided them a home, which Sheen has now taken away.

According to TMZ, Sheen claims Richards’ actions are “a desperate attempt to get more money” and his lawyer added that Charlie has already paid her almost $20 million.

Richards’ court filings allege that Sheen persuaded her into moving into a house next to him because he promised her children would not be evicted. Sheen also agreed to pay her child support in the amount of $55,000 per month. Richards was ultimately convinced to move because Sheen told her of his HIV status and that he “wanted to repair his relationship with his children.”

Further, Richards claims that Sheen is getting unpredictable and aggressive. TMZ reports that Richards claims she overheard a conversation with 10-year-old Lola in which he called her “a f***ing pig whore” and yelled, “I’m going to kill you and I’m going to kill your mom.”

In September of last year, Richards alleges that Sheen backed out of their agreement by evicting the children out of the home and failed to get them a new place. Richards and the children had to rent a place for $15,000 per month which has cost her more than $105,000 thus far.

Richards is asking the court to order Sheen to pay $1.2 million to her so she can buy a new home, which he promised to pay under the trust agreement for the children.

The court may be persuaded by texts Sheen has sent to his kids, including one to Lola, in which he allegedly writes, “Have a merry Xmas with your loser f***s**t mom … your dad is a rock star genius … your mom is a puss wart.”

There are also emotional letters written by the kids to Charlie. Apparently, Sheen believed that the text messages were actually Richards using their daughters’ cell phones, so his hateful responses were meant for her and not the girls.

Denise’s rep told TMZ, “Denise is fighting for her children. This has nothing to do with her, the money is for her kids. This is about him providing for the children as he agreed to do.”

We will continue to monitor the child support battle that is brewing between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. If you are facing divorce or you have other family law needs, our legal team is here to help. Contact the Men’s Divorce Law Firm to schedule a consultation with a caring professional, and aggressive advocate for men’s rights in divorce, child timesharing (custody), and paternity matters.