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Discipline Without Being A Bad Guy
Discipline Without Being A Bad Guy

You know your children need discipline – kids actually crave rules and structure – but how do you guide their behavior without seeming like a “bad guy”? Here are some basic discipline principles that will help you successfully nurture and guide your children – and not feel like a total meanie.

Understand why discipline is important. Many parents feel “mean” when they have to lay down rules and then follow through with consequences – especially when children are protesting. It’s important to remember that no matter how much they cry, whine, and scream, your kids need discipline and rules. This guidance teaches them important principles, and helps them learn how to handle their emotions – and it shows your children that you love them.

Get a partner in crime. If only one parent takes on the responsibility of discipline, that parent is bound to feel like the bad guy. Make sure you are on the same page with your child’s mother. This also allows you to establish consistent rules for your kids, which is very important.

Always explain the discipline to your child. Discipline is meant to guide your child and to teach a lesson. It’s essential that you explain to your child why they have to sit in a time out or give up TV. It’s the lesson that you teach them through the discipline that is most important.

Follow with love. Never end with the discipline; always end with love and affirmation. Hug your child, show her affection, and let her know that you are disciplining her because you love her. Not only are you affirming her, you’re also setting a good example.

As a parent, it’s guaranteed that your children will tell you you’re mean or protest as you discipline them. Always keep in mind why it’s important to give them rules and guidance, and carry out any discipline in love.

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